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Golden Tickets at Woodfield

Becca's Golden Ticket

All our children's choirs will be coming together to sing 'One Small Voice' in 'A Choral Christmas' at Doncaster Dome on December 13th.

Each choir will have a featured soloist and a featured small group for this piece, so the hunt is on to find those singers (which is no easy task with so many talented children). Each rehearsal we pick one of the small group.

Last week, we just couldn't pick one at Woodfield Primary, so this week was a roll over.

The staff at Woodfield have come up with a brilliant idea and have printed 'Golden Tickets' to be given to each of the small group. Although we knew it was going to be difficult to prize them away from Becca Vernon.

So this week's 2 golden tickets went to Abigail and Summer. Well done girls.

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